World Karate Championship for Clubs

18. Dezember 2010

18. Dezember 2010
7th World Karate Championship for clubs (18th-19th December 2010) at
Brescia (Italy)

The World Karate Championship for clubs that is considered one of the
main international kermess is back
and 2010 it was held together with Pinocchio Trophy at the big Sports
Center “San Filippo” in
Brescia, where 1.385 champions participated. It's a great promotional
event that is well-established after years of experience. It was
purposely for all clubs. An experience that is unique of its kind,
where there are no federal distinctions and
where everybody could compete at the maximum level.

New and old friends: Russia, Romania, Poland, Turkmenistan, Ukraine,
Netherlands, Austria, Hungary and Germany.

Herzliche Gratulation an Nora und Lisa zu ihren tollen Erfolg.

Gold - Hagleitner Nora Kumite - 60 kg 

Silber -   Pointner Lisa Kata / Shotokan
Bronze - Pointner Lisa Kumite - 55 kg